Tom’s Epic Bike Ride!

On Tuesday 13th August, our good friend and incredible supporter Tom Knight-Gaynor, will be setting off on a bike ride of epic proportions –¬†all in aid of Hope for the Young!!

Tom will be heading to the North of Spain to cycle a total distance of 240km from Bilbao to Llanes. Tom will be cycling on his own, with only a bicycle, a backpack, and the beautiful Spanish countryside to keep him company. The long and winding route will take him through several national parks in which he will spend the first 150km going almost entirely uphill, climbing a total vertical distance of 2000 meters.

Tom is the first to admit that he is no professional cyclist, just a man with a big heart and on a mission to help others less fortunate in the world. However, he assures us he has been training hard three times a week at his local velodrome and on all the hills he can find near his house in Brighton.

We are in absolute awe of Tom. We hope he stays safe and wish him the very best of luck with this epic challenge. Please join us in supporting Tom on his journey by donating to his JustGiving page or simply giving him some motivational words of wisdom in the comments below.

All money raised will go straight towards Hope for the Young’s two projects, The Education Fund and Mentoring Project that work together to remove the obstacles that young refugees and asylum-seekers face in accessing education and reaching their full¬†potential here in the UK. Thank you for your support.