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Ismail, 24, arrived in the UK as a child. As a teenager, he realised he was ‘undocumented’ and his irregular status would cast a long shadow over his early adulthood, eventually leading to mental health problems. After a decade-long battle to regu...

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Jemal and Victoria

Jemal, a 17-year-old boy from Eritrea, had been in the UK for one year before being referred to the Mentoring Programme. He was not in education and was suffering from an increasing lack of stimulation whilst going through the complex asylum proce...

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Agnes, aged 19, received a grant from Hope for the Young’s Education  Fund to study at university. At just 4 years old, Agnes  found herself in a new country, thousands of miles from her  family  home in The Gambia. Life in Dagenham, East London, ...

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This is Hossein's story of resilience and recovery during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Living in shared accommodation, Hossein was unfortunate enough to contract COVID-19. With no family, friends or support network in the UK, he found himself suddenly i...

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Emad is a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Iran who was awarded a grant from Hope for the Young’s Education Fund in 2016, allowing him to finance his first year of university in biomedical science and embark on the first steps towards fulfilling his...

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Samantha and Azim

Before settling in England, Samantha had lived in Germany and France, while Azim had travelled a long way from Afghanistan. Samantha, a professional and confident business woman, ran her own successful recycling business whereas Azim, who came fro...

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Vici and Manmohan

Born in Afghanistan, Manmohan aged 23, had been in the UK for three years before being referred to Hope for the Young. Unable to use his arms and legs due to having quadriplegia, he requires round-the-clock care from his parents and cannot travel ...

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Rosemary and Maaz

Rosemary is a retired teacher who has been a Volunteer Mentor for Hope for the Young for over a year. Her mentee, Maaz, came to the UK from Eritrea when he was 16. Rosemary and Maaz meet every week at Wimbledon library, where Rosemary helps Maaz t...

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Niki and Lucy

When Lucy from Somalia first arrived in the UK at 23 years old, she was struggling to adjust to life in London. Upon arrival, she moved to Croydon yet spent most of her time at home alone, unable to explore her surroundings due to her anxiety and ...

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Thanks to his grant, Mars was able to fully fund the flying hours necessary to obtain his pilots license and complete the first year of his course! Living on his own in the UK and without access to financial support, Mars said he would have been u...

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Arooba’s arrival in the UK in circumstances beyond her control placed her in a period of extended uncertainty at a crucial time in her life. This is her inspirational story of strength and determination in reclaiming her education.

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