Education Fund


Many young people in education or wishing to return to education encounter a series of obstacles when trying to enrol. Many are not able to afford it because, due to their immigration status, they are not entitled to receive a student loan to pay for their tuition fees.

We aim to support young people complete their education by providing grants to those who have no access to government funds.

We provide grants for:

  • Tuition fees
  • Transport
  • Living allowance

With the recent changes in tuition fees, we are unable to meet the full cost of university fees as we can only offer small grants up to £3,000.

We offer help to young people:

  • Aged 16 to 25
  • Who are not eligible for a student loan (e.g. asylum-seekers and undocumented)
  • Up to their first university degree.  We do not provide financial support for postgraduate degrees. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to support young people who have exhausted their appeals and are unlikely to remain in the UK to complete their education.

Higher Education

For those applying for University tuition fees, the application forms must be submitted between 1st January and 31st March. Applications received outside these dates, will not be considered.

Further Education and other fees

For those applying for college fees, travel or living allowances, there are no deadlines. However, we will allocate funds on a first come first served basis, starting from 1st April until the budget is fully allocated.

We need a referral from education or welfare organisations.  Only in exceptional circumstances, will we consider a self-referral. 

We need proof of your immigration status e.g. Home Office document or a letter from your solicitor.  Your referral will not be considered without this evidence. 

We may contact you and/or your referrer to seek further information or relevant documentation, e.g. attendance records.  The referral will then be considered by Hope for the Young’s designated trustees. Generally it takes no more than six weeks from the closing date of 31st of Match for the higher education referrals to to be processed.

To apply, right click on “DOWNLOAD REFERRAL FORM” below, choose Save As, and once the blank PDF file is downloaded on your computer, complete the form, save it, and send it back to us as an attachment to