Mentoring Stories

Image of Iynaz and Vivien sitting in a cafe. They are holding Iynaz's certificate of achievement between them.

Iynaz and Vivien

Iynaz, a young woman from Iran, achieved her dream of studying Music Production with the help of her mentor, Vivien.

Fatmata and Niki

17-year-old Fatmata from Sierra Leone finds the confidence she needs to chase her dreams thanks to her mentor, Niki.

Abel and Nicole

Abel, a young man from Ethiopia, found the confidence to embrace his identity with the help of his mentor, Nicole.

Hakim and Muzzy

Hakim, originally from Afghanistan, found his feet in the UK with the support of his mentor Muzzy.

Alex and Dawit stand next to each other, smiling.

Alex and Dawit

Dawit, now 17 years old, had been in the UK for just 4 months when he was matched with his mentor Alex. This is the story of th...

Vici and Manmohan

Born in Afghanistan, Manmohan aged 23, had been in the UK for three years before being referred to Hope for the Young. Unable t...

Samantha and Azim

Before settling in England, Samantha had lived in Germany and France, while Azim had travelled a long way from Afghanistan. Sam...

Jemal and Victoria

Jemal, a 17-year-old boy from Eritrea, had been in the UK for one year before being referred to the Mentoring Programme. He was...

Rosemary and Maaz

Rosemary is a retired teacher who has been a Volunteer Mentor for Hope for the Young for over a year. Her mentee, Maaz, came to...

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