Grantee Stories


Yahya, a young man from Pakistan, overcomes financial challenges and uncertainty to achieve his dream of studying Law.


Mansoor, from Afghanistan, completes his education against all odds and achieves his goal of becoming a Dental Hygienist.

Rajmonda poses for a photo in a graduation cap and robe.


Rajmonda, a brilliant young woman from Albania, breaks down all the barriers in her way to graduate with a degree in Education.


When Julia* came to the UK 4 years ago, aged 19, she found herself having to start all over again. Rebuilding her life and find...


This is Hossein's story of resilience and recovery during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Living in shared accommodation, Hossein was un...


Arooba’s arrival in the UK in circumstances beyond her control placed her in a period of extended uncertainty at a crucial time...


Agnes, aged 19, received a grant from Hope for the Young’s Education  Fund to study at university. At just 4 years old, Agnes  ...


Ismail, 24, arrived in the UK as a child. As a teenager, he realised he was ‘undocumented’ and his irregular status would cast ...


Emad is a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Iran who was awarded a grant from Hope for the Young’s Education Fund in 2016, allowin...

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