A Poem for Black History Month by J L Musa

October marks Black History Month in the UK. This is an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the diverse histories and contributions of those of African and Caribbean descent in the UK and around the world. It’s also a time for action, to tackle racism and ensure that Black history and stories are represented and celebrated all year round.

Here at Hope for the Young, we are committed, this month and always, to creating a fairer society by supporting young refugees and asylum-seekers to access the opportunities, services and education they need to move forwards and build happy, fulfilled lives here in the UK.

To celebrate this Black History Month, we are so pleased to share a beautiful poem, “Who Am I”, written especially for the occasion by J L Musa, a very talented young person who we support through our Mentoring Programme.


Who Am I


 1 The color of the sky is blue.

2 The color of nature is green.

3 The color of Gold is dark yellow.

   What brings these objects together is that each one of them is unique and has its own qualities. It didn’t also change what they are.


1 The rainbow is colorful.

2 The father of humanity was created of many colors.

3 The flag of any country is made out of different colors.

    One thing that combined those creatures is that they have got many different colors. But that didn’t make them a part instead it brought them together and added much value by combination.


1 The water is colorless.

 2 The air was created without a color.

3 Love doesn’t have color barriers.

    It is clear that the listed items have one thing in common which is colorless, and that didn’t make them neglected or unwanted but the most essential elements on the planet.


   Finally, the Universe was created in a diversity of many things, colors, and traits, and that is what made it the best place to live at.

    It doesn’t judge the sky because it’s blue or the rainbow because it’s colorful not either the water because it’s colorless but instead it gives the best of what it has.


     The Universal law: What you send is what you get, so make sure you give the best of what you have to receive it.


    When you look at things with love you will see love in them.


   Black may and might not matter, But then, will the rest matter?


 J L Musa


We asked J L, what inspired you to write this poem?

“I was born in a small, simple, and limited village. There wasn’t much for me to see differently or even have the will to be curious or to know about people, things, and life, and that affected me by limiting my dreams, point of view, and the way I think.

But when I travelled and saw a few parts of this world and especially when I joined college. Everyone was from a different part of the world and that experience did make me realize that diversity of traits is important and could be exhibited by a diversity of people.

‘We are only as strong as we are UNITED as weak as we are DIVIDED’.

– J.K Rowling”

To find out more about Black History Month and the events taking place throughout October, you can head to the official Black History Month website.

Alice Finta

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