Summer Party

At Hope for the Young we work hard to help young people achieve their targets and access education. But we also like a good party! To celebrate everybody’s achievements and to say well done for all their hard work, we decided to make the most of this summer’s amazing weather and have a Summer Party on Tuesday 24th July, in Crystal Palace Park. 

We played various team-building games, had some delicious home-made food, and listened to live music (thanks to a local guitar player conveniently sat next to us in the park!). Crystal Palace Park is a really beautiful place, and we even got to see some dinosaurs! 

There were volunteers, mentors, trustees and young people from both our projects and everybody enjoyed meeting one another and having fun.

Federica, a volunteer who took photographs at the party, says: “It was exciting to see so many young people from different cultures and personalities coming together through various activities. What I liked most was definitely the team games, where I saw everyone smile through my camera”. 

We want to say a huge “thank you” to everybody who helped on the night and on the lead up. We are always glad to celebrate our charity by getting together. See you at the next party!

Matt Blacker

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