Our Statement on the Safety of Rwanda Act

As you will likely have seen in the news by now, last week the UK Government passed the “Safety of Rwanda” Act which will allow the Government to choose not to consider people’s asylum claims in the UK and, instead, detain and send them to Rwanda.

All of us at Hope for the Young are deeply upset and angered by this policy that is causing endless amounts of fear and anxiety amongst the young people we work with.

This new legislation means that people who claimed asylum on or after 1st January 2022, who passed through another country (where they could have claimed asylum) and used a “dangerous journey” to get to the UK, may be at risk of removal if they have not yet had an interview, questionnaire, or received a decision on their claim.

The policy is designed to deter people from making dangerous journeys to the UK, however, through working with and listening to the voices of young refugees, we fear this is only going to make the situation worse. A recent report from The Refugee Council based on research with 40 organisations supporting people in the UK asylum system shows that this policy is more likely to result in even riskier journeys and drive vulnerable people underground through fear of engaging with authorities.

We are responding by issuing guidance on the current situation to our staff and volunteers and reassuring young people on our programmes as best we can.

It is important to know that most people will not be sent to Rwanda as they can only take a limited number of people at present, however, as this policy starts to be implemented earlier than expected, it is essential that people have access to the correct information and seek legal advice immediately if they think they are at risk of detention or removal to Rwanda.

Below are a few useful factsheets and links:

  • JCWI’s “Safety Act: What you need to know provides information about the Act and contact details for those needing legal representation. It also provides ways you can take action to fight the Rwanda Plan today.
  • Right to Remain’s “What we know about the Rwanda Act and Treaty so far provides an extensive overview of the Act, including how a removal notice can be disputed, how to prepare for detention, and actions you can take.
  • Care for Calais’ translated information sheets provide examples of the Notice of Intent letters (NOI) that are being issued and a helpline for anyone who has received one.

At Hope for the Young, we believe in a world of unity and compassion, rather than one of fear and division.

We believe in a future where all young people seeking sanctuary have the opportunity to have their claims heard fairly and efficiently, and for those who have fled war and persecution to be given the chance to rebuild their lives in safety, without the fear of detention, or being sent far away into the unknown.

Together, we will continue to stand alongside those seeking protection in the UK.

Thank you for all your support during yet another difficult moment in our history.

Matt Blacker


Hope for the Young

Matt Blacker

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