Emad: A Doctor in the Making

“University Has Given Me a New Definition of Life!”

Emad is a 23-year-old asylum seeker from Iran who was awarded a grant from Hope for the Young’s Education Fund in 2016, allowing him to finance his first year of university in biomedical science and embark on the first steps towards fulfilling his long-term dream of becoming a doctor. Arriving in the UK as an asylum seeker in 2010, with no access to student loans or a work permit, and in a country where the immigration laws, university system and language were all new, Emad was lost, his vision for his future and grasp on his dream fading. “I was in such a bewilderment that I had no idea where I was and what my future will be like.”

Since he was 11 years old, Emad was decisive in wanting to study medicine. After starting at Kingston, he’s focused his goal on becoming an ophthalmologist or gastroenterologist. The fee assistance and living allowance provided by Hope for the Young dramatically changed Emad’s situation in the UK. As he says: “Through the grant that I received from Hope for the Young my dream was born again, therefore I was born again.”

At Kingston, Emad most enjoys learning about human physiology. By pursuing his studies he is in a place where he has been able to make many new friends and become familiar with different cultures, languages and traditions. As he reflects back on his first year (and the changes university has brought):

“My course and university affairs have given me new definition of life and they continue on making me more mature.”

Emad’s ambition is to maintain a high level of engagement by continuing to learn, work hard and stay on track to finish his education, eventually using his skills to help others. As he concludes: “In all, I hope that one day I will contribute back and be the person who can make great changes to our society.”

Unfortunately, as most students head back into their second year in September, Emad’s future is uncertain as he is struggling to find a new grant to support him through next year. There has never been a better time to contribute to the Education Fund. Donate now to help Emad and others continue to fund their studies and finish what they have worked so hard to start.