Mars Flies High To Reach His Dreams

Hope for the Young’s Education Fund is designed to directly assist those who struggle to access education through financial support and advocacy, providing grants and living allowances to young people who have no access to government funds. The majority of young people who come to the UK seeking refuge face overwhelming barriers to enrolling in higher education. According to grant recipient Mars, an undergraduate in Aviation Engineering and Pilot Studies, “Hope For The Young is a charity that clearly does what it says: it brings hope to young people!”

Thanks to his grant from the Education Fund, Mars was able to fully fund the flying hours necessary to obtain his pilots license and complete the first year of his course! Living on his own in the UK and without access to financial support, Mars said he would have been unable to complete his lessons at the Flying Academy without the essential support of Hope For The Young. As Mars says:“The grant has been a massive help and motivation to continue my studies!”