Nepal Trek

Our two volunteers are back, alive and very sore! The strong rains in Western Nepal left these two adventurers with little option but to embark on the bold trek on the other side of the Tibetan border in Ladakh, Northern India.

Upon arrival at their new destination there was one further unforeseen delay: Ali’s cooking left the duo confined in the city of Leh 3500m above sea level while Kami’s stomach recovered from the assault. So one week later than planned, the three-day trek began.

At the end of the first day at 4100m Kami was a victim to acclimatisation and unfortunately was advised to climb no further. He returned to base with the guide, leaving Ali to single-handedly continue the trek. Brave Ali passed through a pass at 4900m on the second day and as if that was not enough, in an effort to add salt to Kami’s injury, Ali remarkably climbed to 5100m before completing the trek on the third day.

We are still far off from achieving their goal of £1 per meter – so please continue to give generously. Your contribution will help us maintain our activities for our young people for the coming year. Please use the donation page on our website.

Matt Blacker

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